Victoria University Library staff were recognised at the 2019 图书馆 Awards and the 副总理's Awards 2019.


Congratulations to the 图书馆 teams who received citations at the 副校长的奖2019 for Professional Services and Innovation and for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (Higher 教育).



Winner: Pam Abalo, College Librarian (艺术 & 教育)

This award recognises the sustained contribution that 图书馆 individuals or work groups make to VU learning, teaching or research support, or to a specific project.

Comments for nomination: “Pam is the epitome of the quiet achiever…It is time she was recognised for her work” and "Pam is an asset who should be recognised and rewarded for her outstanding service."



This award recognises outstanding customer service provided by an individual or team to users of the 图书馆.

Comments for nomination: “Sarah has demonstrated outstanding support...her role can easily be ignored since she is a 'quiet achiever'."